Boka av Christopher Bollyn forklarar korleis Krigen mot terror starta. Og viser at det vi har blitt fortalt er Det største bedraget i vår tid.


Christopher Bollyn July 26, 2017

Although the terror attacks of 9/11 and the War on Terror are developments of immense historical importance they are also terribly misunderstood. The fact that the public is burdened with misinformation and ignorance about these momentous developments is by no means accidental. The political establishment and mainstream media have misled and deceived the public by design. The purpose of this book is educational as it is meant to help disabuse people of the deception that has been imposed on us all.

While the nation was still in shock we were given a fabricated story that blamed Islamist terrorists for 9/11. Rather than investigate the crime, the Bush administration declared the attacks to be an act of war and took the armed forces into Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting terrorism. The military response has since expanded into fourteen nations becoming America’s longest and most expensive war.

The only way to resist the war that has been imposed on the nation by deceit is to increase public awareness. As the truth reaches more people the deception loses power. The aim of this book is to increase awareness by focusing on the origin and nature of the deception and the strategic plan behind it. This concise volume reveals who is involved in this plot, how it was planned over decades, and why it has been carried out.

Comprised of articles I have written about different aspects of the War on Terror the reader may find some repetition. Some of the articles that refer to a specific event are dated for the sake of clarity. To broaden the discussion, Alan Sabrosky, a veteran and military scholar, has written the foreword for the book. To include the voice of those who have suffered the most from the War on Terror, an American Muslim perspective has been provided by the Nation of Islam Research Group.

Armed with a better understanding of the dual deception of 9/11 and the War on Terror the reader will find it easier to cope with the artificial reality we have been living in since September 2001. When one grasps the truth about 9/11 the falseness of the wars waged under the pretext of fighting terrorism becomes apparent

9/11 truth is the key to freeing ourselves from the war propaganda and deception that has been imposed on us. We need to realize that the controlled media, the most active promoter of the war agenda, will never address 9/11 truth. If we want to restore peace and prosperity for ourselves and our nation, we, the people, must start by raising awareness of the deception among the people around us.