Frå The Greanville Post:

We wish we had a happier tone for this closing bulletin for 2022, but reality dictates otherwise. We are finally at a precipice, as Andrei Raevsky, editor of The Saker, eloquently warns. And it boils down to this: Massive disinformation by the West can now easily kill the planet. As Andrei says, reminding us of our task, «Russia can do many things, but it cannot liberate the USA from the grip of the Neocons.  That is something that only US Americans can do.»
And then he adds,

«And here we hit a vicious circle: The US political system is most unlikely to be effectively challenged from within, big money runs everything, including the most advanced propaganda system in history (aka the “free media”) and the population is kept uninformed and brainwashed.  And yes, of course, a major defeat in a war against Russia would shake this system so hard that it would be impossible to conceal the magnitude of the disaster (think “Kabul on steroids”).  And that is precisely why the Neocons cannot allow that to happen because this defeat would trigger a domino effect which would quickly involve the truth about 9/11 and, after that, all the myths and lies the US society has been based on for decades… (JFK anybody?).»

Obviously, we have a big job to do in 2023. So keep the faith. Do not falter. Support the genuine anti-imperialist media. And, as much as you can, help us and our peers, amplify our voice. Circulate these articles as much as you can. We are in a race against the devil…don’t let the old bastard win.